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Competition between wood pallets  and plastic pallets

In recent times the competition between wood pallets  and plastic pallets increasingly acrimonious. Both sides have two development strategies increasingly broad market. Mainly focusing on markets and market container pallets  used.

Advertising policies to introduce the benefits of the product and harm of using other products. For pallets  made of wood, it can break down when not in use, boast wooden pallets that are natural materials, and have the ability to use higher.

But equally plastic pallets, affordable, durable, and may recover damages for casting products to new products.

On the site of two sides did not hesitate to talk about the harmful effects or consequences of using other pallet. Therefore, competition increasingly occurs fierce competition makes the loss of time to calculate the losses so that no enemy in every way, or new products launched, then his other pallet also have new products to compete. Competition on price is not inferior.

Due to the product's plastic pallets are made from artificial materials, of course have to use chemicals to adhesives, coloring ... thus have partially affected the health of users. An article on wooden pallets wrote.

The battle of two sides do PR for the fierce conflict when on plastic pallet reported in wood pallet spaces, porous, which contain potential viruses.

But with you, why, you may prefer plastic pallet or wood pallet preferred depending on the intended use of that option.


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