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Overview Pallet, wooden pallets

The invention of the human has given them more efficient in their work, pallets too, was invented clever it makes shipping more secure, quick loading and unloading easier than with crafts, especially for heavy and large cargo, cumbersome. Moreover, the use of wooden pallets is a rational choice for wooden pallets are cheaper, reliable, long-term use, the damage could recreate for use for other purposes.

What is so pallets ? How is it?

Understand a simple pallet racking to goods used in the warehouse, in the transport, cargo lift Statistics in the container, stowed under the blocks, stacked on top of each other ... it was prescribed for weight how much depends on the tonnage of the calculation of the designer when creating them.

Pine, eucalyptus, acacia, ... from the natural raw material wood, industrial wood product created is not only wood but also make Wood Pallet construction, packaging, ... Wood products must be handled in accordance with the standard way to ensure the features of hardness, durable, safest avoid rodent hungry insects. When production pallets  is not used some toxic chemicals to eliminate termites and instead are using different approaches to bring the absolute safety of this product, when used in the inventory products for human.

Only from rock bars mounted on the surface for holding the commodity to date has varied pallets  wood, modern stylized and much, much used in various purposes with a variety of different colors. Perfected through different stages.

1915 forklift advanced machine appeared, work more efficiently and reduce manpower. Then be improved in 1919 used for lifting heavy objects several feet high and more intelligent in design and fork to move easier. Vehicles can move backward and forward, turning back and forth which is independent lifting mechanism.

So far, the wood pallet is used most commonly in Vietnam and around the world. It is estimated that 90% of all pallets made of wood.