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  • 11:04 - 22/12/2015

    Wooden pallets have long become an indispensable item in the cargo or storage in warehouses and factories. However there are other uses of wood pallets  that not everyone know that it is doing the interior decorations.

  • 11:03 - 22/12/2015

    With characteristic is vulnerable to termites and no high strength metal pallets , but if you still want to use wooden pallets to save money for yourself, please note the following during use and preservation achieve the best performance!

  • 11:02 - 22/12/2015

    In recent times the competition between wood pallets  and plastic pallets increasingly acrimonious. Both sides have two development strategies increasingly broad market. Mainly focusing on markets and market container pallets  used.

  • 11:01 - 22/12/2015

    The invention the human has given them more efficient in their work, pallets, too, was invented clever it makes shipping more secure