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Use and preservation of wooden pallets correctly

With characteristic is vulnerable to termites and no high strength metal pallets , but if you still want to use wooden pallets to save money for yourself, please note the following during use and preservation achieve the best performance!

1. Not to wooden pallets in areas where low humidity because of possible frontier, pallet position.

2.Not wooden pallets used for storing and transporting goods which may cause termites as wheat, rice, corn, wheat ...

3. When using wooden pallets for storing and transporting large volumes of goods, you should let the lighter blocks above. This arrangement helps keep the focus firmly, no skew or is dumped goods. Better yet, you should choose the larger size pallet than the circumference of the shipping box and keep the container always fit or right by pallet. Thus consumers will be protected from impact and will long broken pallets.

4.With the small commodities, arrange them into a larger tank to be easily transported and stored by more pallet. Thus, the boxes will also more closely together on a pallet, this time you'll be a lot of goods to each other without fear of being dumped, but you can create a neat, which retains the right pallet shapes .

5. When goods onto the pallet stack, you should limit the number, just married about 6 square boxes on 1 pallet so that the height of 5-6 feet. If the substance is too high, we will not push the goods go vù it cumbersome and prone to cause accidents, damage to goods and injury to the carrier.

6.De goods not "drift", we should insert plates for protection against each side of the pallet and insert the bottom of the consignment. Pads will help keep fixed for goods and simultaneously produce smoothly between pallet, creating occlusion created between the boxes together and avoid being pushed or tilted.

7. To keep shipments fit tightly together, then we'll wrap tape around the shipment transportation. Ice will keep commodity fixed straight line and makes commodities more closely together, shaken not lead to collapse, causing breakage.

6. chemistry on wooden pallets in warehouse and should not too long because it will cause mold, termites and rodents may be, affected ch o logistics and product quality.