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Production of wooden pallets on demand

If you have the need to use wood pallets, crates for manufacturing operations of its business and is disturbed to find solutions to this problem. Please contact us for:


No need to search the internet and other sources, or to call for the supply unit pallets, crates other. Please call us to ensure you get the most accurate answer to all problems related questions pallets and crates.

Cost savings.

Understand that the cost is a major concern of customers when choosing to purchase products wooden pallets and crates, particularly, in time the economy is in trouble today. We ensure design, advising customers pallet wood products with the lowest cost while maintaining the aesthetics and weight requirements, as well as facilitate the logistics.

Improving the efficiency of production and business.

Production efficiency of the customer business will be significantly improved while saving time and costs through the use of the product pallet and our casks. In addition, to further support customers in improving the efficiency of production and business, we also help to find the best suppliers for product support such as carton, straps, forklift , tape, paper tape bac..vvv swept through the good relationship our units leading manufacturers of these products.

The process of receiving client wood pallet manufacturing on demand:

  1. To receive production orders or supply wood pallet: the stage Company Limited Moc Tran Binh taking orders from customers.
  2. Technical advice is intended to help customers get the most appropriate products for the storage and transportation of their goods. Our team of professional technical consultants will definitely help you get the most perfect choice.
  3. Option to close the pallet wood: Moc Tran Binh always choose the best type of wood to produce wood pallets as melaleuca, wood nacre.
  4. Implementation of the anti-termite wood pallet standard closing export.
    Perform closed pallet.
  5. Shipping and delivery to customers by means of modern trucks 5-10 tons, all kinds of forklift truck ...