The reason why wooden pallets are often attacked by termites

There are 3 main reasons why wooden pallets are often attacked by termites

Wooden pallets are used to store and transport goods for businesses and companies, often for a very long time. Wooden pallet products are often used in the country, very few products are exported to foreign countries, due to the requirement that pallet products must meet very difficult standards. When stored for a long time, it is easy to make wooden pallet products invaded by termites.


With some items such as pharmaceuticals or foodstuffs and some consumer goods, to ensure the safety of goods as well as the health of consumers, it is required to store and use pallets. standard for termite and warping treatment. However, very few companies in Vietnam have advanced production technology and few products can be imported into foreign markets, so we mainly use wooden pallets in the form of raw materials. And when using these types of wooden pallets, it will create conditions for termite pathogens to easily penetrate and attack.

Ultimately on the side of the manufacturers. There are some companies that have spent a huge amount of money to install a drying and warping oven for wooden pallets according to advanced and modern technology, but in fact, these products are not sold. because of its high cost and low demand. Therefore, businesses are not interested in producing high-quality pallets as they are with ordinary wooden pallet products.

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