About us

Has over 10 years of manufacturing operations and function as a woodworking NGOC GIA LONG WOOD PROCESSING CO., LTD proud to be the manufacturer and product supply pallet wood, wood sawing Melaleuca: with many different designs and sizes together, ensure quality and prestige.

NGOC GIA LONG WOOD PROCESSING CO., LTD specialized packing sawing wood and manufacture household furniture, pallet, support packages for Statistics and packing goods in the production line and the product export ... the rules how, quality and moisture, ensuring the request of customers.

Source materials originating roundwood plantation, care and development of mountainous provinces in central and southern Vietnam.

In the process of production and business activities Company Limited Ngoc Gia Long always promoted the available potential of the Company, increase investment in equipment, focused training for workers in the professional, techniques to meet all customer needs.


Productivity output per one shift of production / month, calculated from the primary processing of raw materials to the finished product to reach: 700-1000 m3 of products / month, production of wooden pallets per 1 shift of production / month number 10,000.

With senior experience in the industry with skilled workers with experience should Moc Tran Binh always get the trust of many companies and enterprises, the friendly customer has been with us in for years

NGOC GIA LONG WOOD PROCESSING CO., LTD commitment to ensure organization of production schedule, technical and quality specifications, at the request of customers, with the motto:

  • No shipment failed.
  • Do not make the product failed.
  • Do not accept the product failed.

Again we expect the partnership and long-term utility of your company, your satisfaction is our success

If you have any needs, please contact us for advice and the best price