The standards for evaluating good wooden pallets

Wooden pallets are products used by businesses to transport goods and store goods in warehouses. Wooden pallets with good materials will help businesses' goods not be attacked by termites, but poor quality pallet products will be attacked by termites after being used for a period of time. of a business can cause great damage. So how to recognize good wooden pallets, this article we will introduce the distinction of good wooden pallets:


First of all, we must see if wooden pallets meet the following requirements:

+ Fire resistance.

Product durability.

+ Protect the environment, health and hygiene.

+ Safe to use the product.

+ What size is the industrial wooden pallet used?

The next thing you need to consider is the size of the pallet. Should choose a pallet size that is square or nearly square to help the pallet load large loads and prevent tipping.

In addition, good pallets must also meet the standards for loading and unloading, must be handled by one of the following methods:

Heat treatment: wood for use as pallets must be heat treated to a minimum temperature of 56°C (132.8°F) for at least 30 minutes. Pallets handled with this method will be stamped with the initials HT near the IPPC logo.

+ Chemical fumigation: wooden pallets must be fumigated with methyl bromide. These pallets are treated by chemical sterilization which will stamp MB near the IPPC logo.

Learn more about the specifications of wooden pallets:

These specifications depend on the intended use of the pallet such as: storage pallet, shared pallet, export, chemical, expected pallet load, desired wood type of pallet (recycled wood, hardwood, softwood, kiln, etc.). Even the types of pallet screws used, or the types of pallet staples or pallet nails, .. etc.

Most pallet products in Vietnam do not meet the standards of a good wooden pallet. Because the production cost of these pallets is quite high and the process must ensure high standards, so most Vietnamese businesses only use ordinary wooden pallets.

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