Dong Nai wooden pallets

Wooden pallet Dong Nai, specializes in providing wooden pallets in Dong Nai, specializes in providing all kinds of wooden pallets for Dong Nai companies and surrounding areas. Dong Nai is a developing place with industrial parks and businesses being formed.

Factors to evaluate good wooden pallets:

- A good durable wooden pallet needs to be loaded through the rigorous processing of the pallet including drying and fire treatment.

- When buying a pallet, you should choose a pallet that is the right size for the goods, the size can be square or square to help the pallet prevent tipping.

- Pallets must meet the standard requirements of loading and unloading, handling according to the following standard methods:

+ Fumigation: wooden pallets must be treated with methyl bromide. These pallets are treated by chemical sterilization which will stamp MB near the IPPC logo.

Heat treatment: wood for use as pallets must be heat treated to a minimum temperature of 56°C (132.8°F) for at least 30 minutes. Pallets handled with this method will be stamped with the initials HT near the IPPC logo.

Finished wooden pallets

Criteria to choose cheap wooden pallets such as:

 - Choose pallets with a gap that is not too heavy to help reduce costs for businesses and make forklifts easy to transport

 - Choose a reputable and reliable supplier for advice on providing the best products.

 - Go to pallet production sites to reuse usable pallets.

 - When notifying the size for pallets, please let the consultants have a good size to have good and cheap products for you.

 - Criteria wood pallet market in Vietnam is gradually stabilizing.

Standard size of wooden pallet



The rate of waste of space in the container

Commonly used area

(W x L) MM

(W x L) Inches

1016 × 1219

40.00 × 48.00


North America

1000 × 1200

39.37 × 47.24


Europe, Asia

1165 × 1165

45.9 × 45.9



1067 × 1067

42.00 × 42.00


North America, Europe, Asia

1100 × 1100

43.30 × 43.30



800 × 1200

31.50 × 47.24





Magnetic furniture made from wooden pallets

The advantages of wooden pallets:

 - One of the best advantages of pallets is that they are not size dependent. Items regardless of size are usually designed quite easily. Wooden pallets can also be recycled or used to make other products such as furniture, etc.

 -  Ngoc Gia Long cheap wooden pallet  can be used for a long time depending on the preservation mode of the user.

 - Damaged wooden pallets can be resold to workshops that use wood to serve other jobs.

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