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The price of wooden pallets depends on external influences and factors. Which depends the most on wood. In Vietnam, up to 90% of wooden pallets are made of acacia acacia wood, the rest are wooden pallets made of materials such as plastic, iron, plywood, because the disadvantage is that there are many points of acacia wood pallet. easily overcome by manufacturers to make beautiful acacia wood pallets. Depending on the size of the large and small pallet, the wooden pallet is divided into many different parts. A wooden bar larger than 1m3 has a high price, and a smaller price of less than 1m3 will have a lower price.

For example, two wooden slats 1m long and 2cm thick with a width of 6cm will be cheaper than a wooden stick 1m thick and 2cm wide and 12cm wide. So please note before choosing a pallet, two 6cm wide wooden slats are joined together instead of a 12cm wide wooden bar.

Acacia acacia wood has the following characteristics and advantages: Hardwood bars can withstand high forces, absorb water quickly, and are less susceptible to mold and termites. But even in the southern provinces where there is a lot of rubber wood forests, the supply of rubber wood is less than that of acacia wood. Therefore, Acacia wood is also used more to produce wooden pallets in the South.

There are also good factors to cheap prices such as:

Choose a pallet with a design that is just enough for the goods in the business or the goods in transport

If the business has a forklift, it is common to use pallets with a gap that is not too high, this will help reduce a number of costs for your business.

Choose a reliable supplier to have the best products at an affordable price.

Use damaged old pallets to exchange for good old pallets at a supplier to reduce product costs.

Choose the best designs for a reasonable price of wooden pallets

In addition, you should use wooden pallets properly to make them more durable:

Absolutely do not store or leave wooden pallets in a humid place

Choose wooden pallets that are larger than the circumference of the box

When loading goods, the quantity of mortar must be sufficient to bear the load of the pallet

Please contact Ngoc Gia Long to design wooden pallets on request or design according to standards and the most specific quotation, We will quote the cheapest price possible to help you save costs in buying pallets.

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