Wood pallet manufacturing process

Product pallets used to list goods for transportation or storage, are made of iron, wood, plastic, .... 90% of pallets are made from wood. To create a wooden pallet, it has to go through many processes and mainly the main ones: Importing Melaleuca wood (Input material), sawing wood into gas (Plaving wooden pallets), drying, fumigation, termite removal , plan the wooden stick, cut the two ends of the wooden stick, tea the wooden stick, pack the finished product and put it in storage. Processes must be performed carefully and accurately, ensuring the quality of each stage, and limiting errors in production.

Here are the steps of the production process of wooden pallets:

Step 1: Import Melaleuca wood to the warehouse

Wood is planted in the forest, then sawed and brought back to check the quality of the input: Before importing wood to store in the warehouse, check the quality of the wood, remove unsatisfactory trees such as cracked wood, spongy wood, no wood. standards… Good wood will be stored in the warehouse, not good quality will be used for other purposes.

Step 2: Cut wood into gas.

Check the quality of the sawn timber: Check to eliminate errors in the sawing process such as: the log is missing the required size, the wood is dead, etc. Then the wood is sawed into each bar depending on the size. pallet size.

Step 3: Dry and disinfect, eliminate termites.

The wooden slats are put into an industrial kiln to be dried and disinfected, and for export wooden pallets that need fumigation, the standard method of spraying will be used to eliminate termites.

Step 4: Plan the wooden stick

The wooden bar is smoothed on 3 sides including the top and 2 sides to help prevent the wooden pallet from being rough, when storing or transporting the pallet by hand, it will not be scratched.

Check the quality of the wood: it is not always that the plank is not scratched, so we have to check to eliminate errors in the planing process such as the wood being scratched by the knife.

Step 5: Cut the 2 ends of the wooden stick.

Cut the 2 ends of the wooden stick. Make up the standard size of the knock pallet, give the wooden pallet a standard size.

Check cut quality and size: Check for defective slats and remove them from the cutting process.

Step 6: Wooden stick tea

Sanding the wooden bar to remove the fibers on the wooden bar left over from the previous stages to help make the wooden bar beautiful and not scratch the goods when using the pallet.

Checking quality of sanding: Checking and removing errors in the pallet when sanding such as incomplete sanding, tripping ...

Step 7: Close the finished product, and put it in the warehouse.

Wooden pallets after being nailed (closed) are made of solid wooden slats. The nail used to close wooden pallets is a type of industrial screw with a spiral groove that helps the wooden bars to be firmly connected to limit the problem of nail drop.


Check the quality of finished products: Pallets are checked for the last time before being shipped out. Check to eliminate errors caused by the closing of finished products such as nails not fully nailed, etc. check all and remove defective products of all stages before storing in finished products warehouse.

After checking and packing the finished products, the wooden pallets are put into storage waiting for the delivery date.

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